Enjoy smart security system of your vehicle!

Your vehicle is secure with CarInPhone equipment and smartphone application for car monitoring. Immediate security are available on your smartphone!
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Check multiple statuses of your vehicle.

You will never forget to lock the doors of your car with CarInPhone. Multiple statuses monitoring allows to check temperature near your car, monitor battery, alarm, doors statuses. Know everything about your car!
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Drive efficiently!

How efficiently are you driving? Special eco-driving reports let optimize your driving style, compare with other drivers. CarInPhone will save fuel and let you gain special driving style. Enjoy driving!
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Control additional vehicle equipment from your phone!

CarInPhone is a remote control. Activate WebAsto heater, switch-on lights or block engine directly from your phone.
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Locate your vehicle wherever it is!

GPS tracking allows knowing exact positions of your car.
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What makes "Car in Phone" so great ?

  • Secures the car with innovative and effective technologies, which are admitted by insurance companies, car showrooms and car alarm experts.
  • Helps to find vehicle wherever it is. Using CarInPhone is the most convenient way to monitor your car or fleet on the smartphone.
  • Informs you about multiple events of vehicle: alarm activated, low battery, temperature near vehicle, doors/hood/trunk closed/opened, and many more!
  • Allows to control electrical equipment of the car: turn-on webasto heater; switch-on the lamps to find the car in the parking place; block the engine in case someone has "borrowed" your car.

Car In Phone – car in your pocket!

Active Protection

GPS/GSM tracking and adaptive car alarm system secures the vehicle. Special anti-jamming function is always active. You will get immediate information about critical security alerts directly to your mobile phone.

Real Time tracking

Swiss quality GPS device is always ready to send all necessary data from your car directly to server and your smartphone.

Remote control

Control additional devices in vehicle such as lamps, webasto, engine blocking.

Status monitoring

CarInPhone – car in your pocket!.

How to get started ?

Install "Car in Phone" security equipment
into your vechile
Contact us for details
Download free "Car in Phone" application
from Android Market or App Store or visit Web App

Contact our sales team and get detailed information.

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